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The Cure AM: Advanced Hangover Recovery Formula

The Cure AM: Advanced Hangover Recovery Formula

20 Servings

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Introducing The Cure - Your Ultimate Hangover Solution!

The Cure is our newly updated and rebranded version of Revive, our widely acclaimed hangover recovery product. The Cure brings you a revitalized formula designed to tackle all your hangover woes with enhanced efficiency and convenience. It comes in two varieties - AM and PM - the AM being optimised to give you that extra boost to bounce back in the morning, the PM being optimised to maximise sleep and recovery after a long night out.

What Makes The Cure Exceptional?

The Cure is the most comprehensive, science based, all-out-approach to combatting symptoms of a hangover. Unlike competitors, we focused on providing evidence-based ingredients at optimal doses. Here are some of The Cure's features:

Complete Symptom Relief: The Cure targets all major hangover symptoms, from pounding headaches and nausea to that dreaded brain fog. It's your one-stop solution to feeling like yourself again after a night out.

Superior Rehydration: Packed with a high-dose blend of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, The Cure rehydrates your body faster and more effectively than just drinking water alone.

Potent Detox Agents: The Cure includes powerful antioxidants like N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and Dihydromyricetin (DHM) to support liver function and accelerate toxin elimination, helping you recover quickly.

Calm and Clarity: Say goodbye to the dreaded "hangxiety." The Cure contains L-Theanine to soothe your nerves, and a blend of B vitamins (Niacin, B6, and B12) to boost your energy and mental clarity.

Natural, Delicious Flavor: Enjoy the refreshing mixed berry taste that makes The Cure not just effective, but a pleasure to drink.

Convenience: The Cure comes in a handy tub with 20 scoop servings, making it easy to mix your recovery drink whenever you need it.

Clean Energy (AM): Added caffeine helps you overcome morning sluggishness, ensuring a quicker, more energetic recovery. In combination with L-Theanine, caffeine has been shown to provide cleaner, less jittery energy, with less of a crash effect.

Why Choose The Cure?

The Cure is more than just a hangover remedy; it’s your ticket to feeling refreshed and revitalized. With its comprehensive formula, convenient packaging, and delicious flavor, The Cure ensures you bounce back stronger than ever. Embrace a new level of hangover relief and make every morning a fresh start.

Try The Cure today and experience a better way to recover. Don’t let hangovers hold you back—feel better, faster, and reclaim your day with The Cure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Cure?

The Cure is the only hangover recovery supplement on the market with scientifically-researched ingredients delivered at optimal doses. We carefully chose a blend of ingredients based on the most current research. Unlike other hangover supplements, we did not bloat the formula with unproven and unnecessary ingredients to justify a higher price.

In sum, we focused on delivering a formula that works, and delivering it as conveniently as possible. This makes The Cure the most scientifically-based, practical, and inexpensive hangover recovery product on the market.

How does it work?

The Cure works by targeting the 3 major contributors to a hangover:

  • Dehydration
  • Liver Toxicity
  • Anxiety (Hangxiety)

We tackle each of these problems effectively with our formula as follows:

  • A high-dose electrolyte blend to rehydrate more quickly and efficiently than plain water.
  • Dihydromyricetin (DHM) to boost liver function and recovery. N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC) to replenish glutathione, your body’s most powerful antioxidant. L-Citrulline to increase levels of blood flow, which promotes increased oxygen delivery to tissues and also provides anti-inflammatory activity.
  • A high-dose advanced B Vitamin complex to restore cognitive function and energy levels. L-Theanine to supplement these effects and provide relief from anxiety and stress.

When should I take it?

You can take The Cure any time before, during, or after drinking. While one scoop is a highly effective dose, for best results, we recommend taking one serving of The Cure PM right before going to bed, and one serving of The Cure AM upon waking up.

There is NO CAFFEINE in The Cure PM and as such it does not interfere with sleep if you take it at night.
Caffeine is present at 100mg in The Cure AM to help kickstart your energy in the morning.

How do I take it?

For best results, mix one scoop with 350-500ml of water, depending on your taste preference.

The Cure is naturally flavoured with a mixed berry taste and therefore mixes well with any sweet drink of your choice.

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  • Rehydration

    A balanced blend of electrolytes helps to counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol more effieciently than plain water.

  • Antioxidant effect

    DHM helps the liver to metabolise alcohol and strengthens its recovery. The amino acids NAC and L-Citrulline provide aid with the detoxification process and also increase blood flow, which is essential for recovering from alcohol consumption.

  • Anxiety Relief

    L-Theanine combined with our B Vitamin complex helps recover cognitive function while providing a calming effect to counteract "hangxiety". Fight the fear!